In the R&D department of our company, the electronic and mechanical designs of Led fixtures are made in a computer-aided design environment, and the work is carried out for the most suitable and performance products by optimizing the manufacturability, performance, security and durability characters.
Gonyo Photometric and Spectrometric measurements for optical performance, safety and environmental conditions for other conditions, in the test laboratories of Istanbul Aydın University and Building Physics Specialist, which have advanced equipment for Korg lighting products within the scope of quality and compliance, for the progress of the R&D stages more clearly and accurately. tests are carried out and R&D stages are proceeding completely.
%60 Power Saving

%95 Color Rendering Index

200% longer life

Compatible with control systems

our ar-ge works

Energy Saving

Our goal is to make efficient designs in addition to providing the most efficient lighting conditions.

Low Heat Dissipation

We use LED to make products where energy turns into light, not heat.

Compatible with the Digital World

Automation is developed in every field in today's world. We are working to make our products compatible with these automations.